Young Lords Historical Walking Tour in Lincoln Park

Young Lords activists inside of the People's Church

Young Lords activists inside the People’s Church c. 1969/70

In this episode, originally broadcast on 10/06/2013, I am joined by my good friend and colleague, John Terry. We listen to audio from an historical walking tour I recently attended featuring the words of activists affiliated with the Young Lords movement of Lincoln Park. John and I discuss the comments made by Young Lords, Black Panthers, Young Patriots, and others, and try to put this information into greater historical context.

Featured speakers include: Young Lords Organization (YLO) Chairman José “Cha Cha” Jiménez, YLO Minister of Education Tony Baez, Young Patriots Organization co-founder Hy Thurman, Black Panther activist David Lemieux, Patricia Devine-Reed from the Concerned Citizens Survival Front of Lincoln Park, Jack Hart from the Intercommunal Survival Committee, and Reverend Matthew Johnson from the People’s Church.

See below for links to the audio and video. I have also posted several video clips from the walking tour, as well as the full audio from some of the latter stops–including the last stop at the McCormick Theological Seminary (now DePaul University) that we did not have time to play. Unfortunately my video camera ran out of energy less than halfway through the tour, so much of the tour was recorded using an audio only device. I have also posted primary documents that pertain to the discussion, a link to a video of the Black Panthers and the Young Patriots that we discussed in the broadcast, and a link to a recent interview with Cha Cha Jimenez from the Smiley and West show. Enjoy all of this supplemental content. I hope it helps y’all better understand what the Young Lords were all about.

Corrections and clarifications: 1. In this broadcast I erroneously refer to a film clip I found on youtube as being from a film about Fred Hampton made by a “French film crew.” In fact, the film clip (see below) comes from a film called American Revolution 2, directed by Chicago filmmaker Howard Alk. This filmmaker also made a documentary about Fred Hampton called The Murder of Fred Hampton, which I strongly recommend. 2. I also failed to play a segment of the historical walking tour narrated by Howard Alan, an architect who worked with the Young Lords. I went back and watched this clip again (and posted it below), and I feel sort of bad for referring to Alan as an “extremely elderly” man, and for blaming the low quality of the audio on his low volume. While it is clear that he is soft-spoken, he does not really appear to be extremely elderly (he actually seemed to be in pretty good shape, not sure why I remembered otherwise), and the low sound quality owes as much to my distance from him as to his age. Sorry I misremembered and misrepresented his testimony. Please check it out!


Bruce Johnson Obituary

“You can’t kill a revolution,” Y.L.O., Vol. 1, No. 4, Fall 1969, 3.

"McCormick Takeover," Y.L.O. Vol. 1, No. 2, May 1967, 4.

“McCormick Takeover,” Y.L.O. Vol. 1, No. 2, May 1969, 4.

McCormick Take-Over, c. May 1969.

McCormick Take-Over, c. May 1969.


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